Our Burundi visit in Pictures

Here is a picture of our beloved Nina and all 17 kids that were on the compound during our visit.  Nina ran a VBS for most of these kids for 10 days, she was such a super star and the kids loved going.  She is a 17 year old who volunteered to spend 3 weeks helping the team in whatever capacity.  They team asked if she would come during our visit and the Willis Family’s visit to help with childcare.  On more than a bazillion occasions I was praising God for her help.  She was such a blessing to our family during our time there. Image

I love this photo of Seattle and the other kids enjoying an afternoon swim that was actually pretty cold.  ImageThe eye clinic waiting area.


KIbuye Hospital compound, the building in the picture is the church and behind Darrell (who is taking the photo) is the hospital.  Down the dirt road on the right is the quadplex where we stayed in a two bedroom apartment connected to 3 other apartments.  ImageEbony the chicken was one of Hudson’s favorite Burundi friends.  She laid a fresh egg in a carseat some of the days we were there and the kids thought it was hilarious! Darrell and I were undecided as to if it was very cool or totally disgusting. Image

This eye clinic again.


This is a picture taken on the 2.5 hour drive up the mountain from Bujumbura to Kibuye. Image

Almost every day the kids enjoyed the Burundi showers. This was taken inside the quadplex compound.


We all learned how to take a shower/bath using our bins.


This is Shiloh getting some Burundi love.


This picture was taken inside the hospital grounds.


Every day Jack and Hudson and sometimes all of us would take Darrell a coke or Fanta. We all loved these quick visits.


The great thing about being in another country is that you can teach your kid your job any day of the year!  So here Anna Fader is learning how to look at something in Jack’s eyes…I am actually not certain what it was they were learning, but it looked cool and very educational.






The Eternal Weekend

We just arrived home from our 3 week trip to Burundi and I just sen this e-mail out. I will update this blog more as time goes on. Thanks for checking in! 

The Eternally Long Weekend…

On Saturday morning, April 26th we were excited to begin our journey home.  Our day started with our ride arriving an hour early.  (who has ever heard of something happening an hour early in Africa?!)  This wonderful van showed up with no seat belts and little space for our luggage.  After some tense moments and prayer we decided to leave behind some nonessential luggage that we were taking for someone else and to tie our carseats in with rope.  We had a tense drive down the mountain but we lived, and I was thrilled to arrive at the Cookie Cottage in Bujumbura.  Once we arrived, there was no running water….or electricity….and it was HOT. The phrase in my head over and over was, “we are going home tomorrow, we can do this.”  (Our water was running again by that evening, Praise God)  Well, that day and weekend just kept on going….and going with meals that lasted hours long (think 6 kids at multiple restaurants and food not coming for over an hour).  On Sunday we heard the news that our flight had been canceled and we would have another day in Bujumbura.  This was good news for souvenir shopping but bad news on all other accounts.  We finally arrived at the airport on Monday night and found there was a mistake in our ticket reservation and Shiloh was not on my ticket as a lap baby.  Apparently this is a HUGE deal. So they spent 2  hours trying to communicate with us and Darrell trying to convey to them that we will completely go bananas if they do not let us go home.  During those two hours they decided to go ahead and close down the airport and start the airplane.  Nina and I were standing in this open space being eaten by mosquitos with 6 hungry and hot kids trying not to totally loose our composure as the employees are taking down signs and turning off lights.  We decided that Paul and Silas sang praise songs in jail and this felt a heck of a lot like jail, so we busted out the songs. For about an hour we all sang song after song praising God. Remembering that He is faithful if we get on the plane or not. He is in control. He sees us. He loves us. He hears us.  God was so kind in that moment.  He was there with us and did not leave us alone to be devoured by mosquitos.  Finally they rushed us to the plane that had been loaded and ready for 20 minutes and I was shocked when the entire plane did not erupt in applause…was everyone else not totally ecstatic that this family with 6 kids just got on their plane for an 11 hour flight?  I have never felt more happy to be on an airplane in my life!   
After all of that and a bit more crying on everyone’s part, we finally arrived home in a sleep deprived coma on Tuesday night.  

Thank you for all of your prayers. We felt them every single time we struggled, stressed, or cried.  God carried us home.  We absolutely loved our time in Kibuye and we already miss being there.

I will update more about stories, our decisions and other things as jet lag finishes it’s course and life resumes back to normalcy. 

The Baskin Brigade