Multiple one sentence blog posts

Since I can’t seem to find more than five minutes to which my brain is not preoccupied with all of life right now, I present to you all of the titles for the blog posts I have thought about writing…and maybe the first sentence as well.

Guess what? Fundraising is Hard! And in a way I never really thought it would be. (It is so much of a team effort that it takes real coordination for us to line up all the pieces to get a support kit into the mail. And it is hard to be asking so many people for money.)

A Parenting book that is rocking my world right now is called “No More Perfect Kids.”  (Every single problem they mention, I think “oh yes, we have that EXACT problem!” Unfortunately, that means that I have apparently been a perfectionist parent which is brand spankin’ new information to me.)

Why I am not mad at people for telling me “wow, you have your hands full” anymore.  (The answer to which is really just grace. People are trying to tell you that they see your situation and they recognize that is looks hard. They aren’t trying to offend, they are really trying to be encouraging.)

What I have learned through off and on cloth diapering the last 4 of my 6 kids.  (There is no way I can even write the first sentence to that post because there are just TOO MANY things to learn about cloth diapering…one of which is that you will ALWAYS have problems and you will ALWAYS be trouble shooting…and my current favorite brand of cloth diapers are the Best Bottoms….the names, I know, it’s out of control.)

Our Feelings on Burundi right now… We are so excited sometimes, and at other times all I can think is that we have chosen, or been called to, the most difficult path possible.  I will be driving down the highway past a farm with horses and a white fence and I think of the dream I once had of running a non-profit farm for kids in foster care.  And then the thought comes to me, “Man, anything would be easier than this. Than asking people, our dear close friends, for their money (which is really God’s money is how we have too view it). Than taking our kids to France to put them in school then pull them out again ten months later and tell them to learn a third language.  Than packing our things into a container and not seeing it again for more than a year or two, hopefully not more.  Easier than all of that.” But I remind myself of God’s call. Of living life for Him and for His peace and pleasure and not my own physical comfort.  The funny thing is that this will actually bring true joy more than anything else.  Following God always brings true joy, so much more than doing things on our own timetable or plan.  We are doing this for Him, not ourselves.

Over a month off of Facebook and IT. IS. AWESOME! (I can’t say enough that being off of Facebook makes me a better mom, friend, and follower of Christ.)