New Rhythms

The kids and I have really settled into the rhythm of public school with a little homeschool for preK and K on the side.  I have truly enjoyed having my little girls at home and getting to spend time being girlie with them.  God has graciously lead me into a season of thankfulness and He is continually opening my eyes to how much I complain and how I can change those complaints into moments of thankfulness. It’s not easy but it is introducing joy into very ugly moments.  A few years ago I read the book “One Thousand Gifts” and the truths in that book continue to speak into my life as I attempt to be more thankful in beautiful and truly down right ugly (think poop on the floor by animals AND children and the washing machine breaking and dinner needing to be cooked for the 6 kids whining that they are hungry) moments in life.  🙂 Thankful…oh so thankful for these little people!!! Jackson 9, Hudson 7, Seattle 5, Juliet 4, Locksley 2, Shiloh turns 1 on Feb. 7th.

My Favorite quotes as of late:

Jackson, “If I could wish for anything, I would ask for Jesus to come back to earth so everything could be right again.” Amen, son, Amen.

Hudson, ” I thought the body had a sensor on the woman’s finger so that when the man puts the ring on her finger she gets a baby in her belly.”  Oh man, I just DIED laughing when he said that.

Juliet, “I don’t understand why I can’t just marry Daddy?! I WANT TO MARY DADDY!!!!”

Seattle, “Jack, you shouldn’t be sad that we are moving to Burundi, you will make new friends and it will be awesome.” She is a true encourager.

Merry Christmas!


The Baskin Brigade

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