Question and Answer Time!

The process of sending a family overseas as missionaries can seem confusing to many people. We were confused when we began this journey! We have learned so much and want to try and answer some frequently asked questions for you.

1) What does “monthly support” mean?

Our mission (Serge) has created a budget for us of what it should cost for our family of 8 to live in Burundi.  That number is $8,655/month.  That means that we need individuals and churches to donate money on a monthly basis to that end.

2) WOW!!! Why is that number so high?

That number does seem high, right?! Large portions of that number go toward medical insurance, vehicle insurance and maintenance, ministry expenses, food, and life with 6 kids.  We would be happy to go over a detailed budget sheet with you in person or via phone any time you like.

3) When do you leave?

Three things must happen in order for us to leave. We must have 100% of our monthly money committed and coming in.  Second, we must have 100% of our one-time needs raised. And lastly, we must separate from the US Air Force.  If all goes according to plan we hope to leave to attend a 4-week course at Mission Training International in July.

4) Um, you have one time costs too? What are those?

Our one-time costs include 4 weeks at Mission Training International, 10 months at French Language school, plane tickets for leaving and coming back in 4 years, vehicle acquisition, building a house, and shipping a container of our household goods and medical equipment, to mention a few.

5) Why should I donate now and not wait until you deploy?

Any money you donate now helps us reach those monthly and one-time goals. If you begin a monthly commitment now that money will grow and be put toward one-time expenses.

6) Where does the money go?

All donations go into an account that the Serge financial team oversees and manages and will continue to oversee and manage for the duration of our time in Burundi.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, or you want me to do a Q&A about what our lives will look like in Burundi please let me know, and we would be happy to share with you.  Thank you for being on this journey with us!