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It seems like I’ve been reading a lot of books lately.  So forgive me if I don’t remember which one asked me who I was following.  But one of them did or maybe it was at an Air Force Pep Rally, aka Commander’s Call.  At any rate, I actually thought about it (and then tuned out the rest of the talk…pretty sure it was a talk now).  And before you read on, let me ask you the same question:  Can you name someone whom you are emulating/patterning your life after?

I have to say that if you pick Jesus, that’s totally fine, but it’s really hard to translate a man from 2 millenia ago into nowadays.  I’m always asking myself, would Jesus have a twitter, fb or instagram account?  or would he even own a phone.  would he play videogames?  what would he say to that guy with the cardboard sign at the stoplight?  what kind of smartwatch would he wear 🙂  would he read this newsletter??  so pick your person before you see who I picked, not that I’m worried that you’re just going to copy me, but as a thought exercise.  also, totally fine if you pick your dad or mom, but that’s a little lame…just kidding Mom and Dad!  but seriously, those three are off-limits.

so, many of you know that we named our second son Hudson after a missionary to China.  so I picked him and George Mueller (and Abraham Lincoln), because I couldn’t pick just one, and Patton, but he’s often too vulgar to quote to my children or to include in these newsletters, but that man knew how to give a fine speech.  once you pick who you’re going to follow, it stands to reason that you should know more than the average person about their life.  i’d only ever read a children’s book on him when I was young (not ashamed to say it was in my college years), thus i started listening to “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret,” and no, I’m not going to give the secret away here, but I can say I have been significantly challenged by that man’s actions and faith.  My relationship with Jesus is not about duty (unlike the Air Force) or obligation (Air Force again), but Hudson Taylor spent very regular time with the Lord reading the Bible and praying.  Becky and I have discovered that if you start getting up 30 minutes early to pray, so do the kiddos.  Same goes for an hour earlier.  Turns out that kids were doing this back in the 1800s too, so guess what Hudson Taylor did.  He got up at 2 am local time and prayed/read for 2 hours then went back to bed.  by candlelight mind you.  when traveling and when at home.

my church (and Serge) are all about grace, and I’m with them, so the last thing I would want to do is guilt anyone into chunking time away with God.  But I will say this, that if bodily exercise profits a little (1 Tim 4:8), and i love to work out five days a week, then spending time at the feet of Jesus is an investment that will never lose its value or be taken away (luke 10:39, 42).  If you’re intrigued by these thoughts, I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of “The Divine Mentor;” Becky asked me to read it about a baker’s dozen times before I got through the first chapter, but then I just gave in and read it and am so glad that I did.

Some of you may be wondering how we’re doing in our preparations to leave.  So am I.  Please pray for us.  I mean it, if you can’t think of anyone to pray for, please pray for us, we always need prayer, especially from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, CST.  We love our children so much, we just want to eat them up, and sometimes we almost do, so please please pray for us to be wise, loving and patient parents.  Pray for wisdom about moving/selling/giving away stuff (leaving San Antonio in late June for MTI).  We are so thankful for all of the support we’ve received from friends and family.  We are so blessed.

And finally, please pray for the people and the leadership of Burundi.  Elections are coming up in June and there are already a lot of protests in the streets (call me or email me if you want to know why).

May God be with each of you,
Darrell and the Baskinses