Our First Ever Garage Sale!

Well, after almost 11 years of marriage, we finally had our first garage sale. Darrell was conveniently out of town, I might add, but with the help of my parents we pulled it off! We made three hundred dollars, and I think it marked a milestone in our transition.  Post-garage sale, I now look at everything with a label on it:  “France,” “Burundi,” “sell,” or “donate”  Though I cried for two days preceding the garage sale, it actually ended up not being as bad as I thought. I felt so emotional about pricing items that I didn’t really want to even sell! I feel like garage sales are always people’s junk, but these are things that we really enjoy, they just have the wrong voltage intake, or size, or color. (white couch, NOT happening in Burundi!) People were much kinder than I expected and I even had one guy pay me $10 extra bucks for bar stools because he said the price was too low. I mean, really, that happens? I felt like God just poured out his mercy honestly. Our neighbors were an amazing help and it seemed like God brought the most unlikely people to buy things.  (like the guy mowing the Ft. Sam lawns)

So what are we actually taking to Burundi?  Here is the short list. Clothes…..clothes…..some more clothes…and some fitted sheets.  With 6 kids and 3 years of clothes to pack for each of them, it is taking up quite a lot of space. So some of our original plans to bring mattresses have gone out the window, and now we are down to what REALLY needs to get packed.  Kitchen ware, one Queen mattress, one easy to clean and very green couch, some cozy and thick rugs (hard to get in Burundi), and fitted sheets that are also hard to find there. So we are planning to fill 15 linear ft. of a 40 ft. shipping container that we are sharing with other families.  Lord willing, our hearts will be loosely attached to our earthly possessions and we will be able to release them easily.

Things that won’t go.  Mainly….everything.  But secondly, our pets.  If you are a pet person, then you know how hard this is.  We have two dogs that we have had since they were 6 weeks old and Charlie, our cock-a-poo, we have had since our first month of dating! Talk about hard to say goodbye to! These guys were my first babies! I used to brush their teeth every night.  Sam, our golden retriever, has a home with a family with 5 going on 6 kids.  He has visited them frequently and it is the perfect match! Charlie, on the other hand, has yet to find a new forever home.  Please pray that God will bring the perfect family for him.  If he doesn’t get a new home we have family members that have offered to take him if need be.