The Pain and the Glory of our Move

I figured the best way to convey to you how our move went was to show you in pictures.  I have to say that I hope this will prove to be the most painful part of the process of becoming missionaries whose home is undefined for the time being, because it was probably one of the most difficult things we have ever done in our lives.

This was by far the most painful moment for us so far in the goodbyes catagory, leaving our golden retriever with our friends.  The boys cried, I cried, my mom cried, it was very difficult.  But we know he is in good hands joining a family with 5 kids and one on the way who live out in the country. He will feel right at home.  We also gave Mr. Nibbles, our benevolent hamster, to a friend; and our other dog will stay with my parents in Houston for now, which was a gift because saying goodbye was getting very old.


This is a picture of our container.  We were the first of three families to load our Burundi-bound items into a 40-ft container. This was the end result of multiple very hot and long days for Darrell and friends.  Some items on there: mattresses for our family, one couch, some living room chairs, some rugs, and maybe some mac and cheese that doesn’t expire for a long time.


I know that you can imagine, but really, it’s hard to fathom how difficult it is to pack with children looming around taking items out of your goodwill bags and putting them into a bin for Burundi or France. It was just hard! But praise the Lord for so many friends who watched multiple children multiple times. We could not have done this move without so many people helping us. IMG_5083

Here we had a friend loan us his truck, trailer, and time to take our first load off to the container on his land.


House in utter chaos, enough said! At this point a friend had loaned us their house so thankfully we did not have to live amongst the madness.


This is from March, but it shows so many of our neighborhood friends that came to Hudson’s birthday party. People we will miss dearly.


Lastly, I wish I had a picture for this but in the craziness of this move I have misplaced it. We found out that our next baby, due Oct 30th in France, is another GIRL! We are thrilled, the girls are thrilled, the boys have some hard feelings but they are warming up to the idea. 😉

Blessings to you this week.


PS, Today, we effortlessly sold our 11-year-old Honda Civic after someone from church approached us and offered to buy it from us at our price.  God has truly made every provision for us!