I don’t believe in Sleep

I decided to stop believing in sleep these days,

It doesn’t seem worth it, it only causes delays.


Without it my kids have done quite well,

So why shouldn’t I join them and bid them well?

Its always disappointing to wake with a start

To the crying, the peeing, or the blanket’s spark.

Sometimes it’s a hug or even a kiss,

Receiving them at midnight I will not miss.

One baby needs to eat, the other has a fever,

It always seems like I am the midnight receiver.

I shouldn’t complain, I have done well so far

With the coffee and chocolate to keep me up to par.

So tonight I’ll surprise them and never go to bed,

I will watch tv and binge eat instead.

They will be in such shock when they awake and see,

That I am dressed for the day and they can’t bother me.

They shall not be victorious, no I will win this battle

For once they will see who sits in the saddle.

They will stop waking me one day and they will see

What a nice mommy I really could be!!