Here and There


My best friend delivered her baby, my grandmother passed away,

This morning has been full of emotion, that much I can say!

Last night I graduated language school, Locksley threw up on the floor,

All of this life keeps happening, that I can’t ignore!

My friend adopted her children, Trinity pulled up to a stand,

So many things are beginning  on both sides of our land.

But I want to be there with you and I want you here with me,

To hold our hearts together on the same side of the sea.

To experience life’s joys and all the struggles the same,

To hug you and to cry, in laughter or in pain.

All of these moments keep happening and confirm one true thing,

That our Heavenly Father must be our everything.

He attends all the funerals and all the celebrations the same,

He is our Lord and Savior, and He knows us all by name.





2 thoughts on “Here and There”

  1. That is a beautiful truth, isn’t it?
    I am keeping you in prayer, dear sister.

    Kingsway AG, MTF
    Cherry Hill, NJ

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